Limited Edition Prints

This is a site dedicated to limited edition prints of my work . It stems from many encounters with people in front of the work that has been produced over the years . I noticed that there was a reaction not only to the actual painting, but to the story I was trying to transmit . A story of Light . I have found that thanks to the ceaseless technical advancements in printing if enough care and time is devoted in the proofing process, the subtlety of the original work can be reproduced . Of course, nothing can replace the mystery that happens when in front of the actual original piece of work in itself . These prints do not disturb that quality and in some cases I have been asked by the owners of the original works, if I could make the limited edition print as they would like to have one of these the reproductions of  the original work in their collection, hanging in their office or the house of a member of the wider family . 

The whole process from start to finish is monitored by myself liaising with the skilled technician with utmost care taken to ensure truthfulness to the original painting and the highest quality results in the final Giclee print, which is never the same size as the original . The inks and paper are chosen for their ability to translate the language of oil paint into print with maximum faithfulness . The high quality of the materials used ensure longevity . 

The majority of the original works are now in Private Collections .

Still Life

Much of my work is based in the Landscape which is full of constant change and shifting Light . Ever since I began to paint I have always been drawn to make Still Lifes. It is the inverse of the Landscape work : The object is the constant and the light moves very slowly… To paint in the Landscape successfully one needs to find a very still point inside . The way I have found this place with my brushes is painting Still Lifes occasionally, as a counterpoint to the Landscape work .

The Crescent Collection

For many years I have been travelling in the Middle East and the Muslim countries of the Mediterranean (hence the reference to Crescent) . Islamic design has always fascinated me and its reflection of the Laws of Nature, also the awareness of the equal importance of positive and negative space . Painting and drawing a building is the best way to meditate on its design and mind behind its creation . These works belong to those moments from my Eastern journeys. They are now all hanging in a private collection .

The Song of Koumi

A small selection of the works made in Japan during the course of two years for the Solo Exhibition ‘ The Song of Koumi ‘ in Koumi-Machi Kougen Museum of Art, Nagano Japan.


These limited editions come from the breadth of the landscapes I work in . From Cornwall to Ireland and Scotland .